Peeps are yummy.

Peeps are yellow.

A sweet sugar crunch,

All filled with marshmallow.


Peeps can be chicks.

Peeps can be bunnies.

Whenever I eat one,

I feel warm and sunny.

Chicks & Bunnies!

Peeps are classic.

Peeps are iconic.

They’re like Audrey Hepburn,

Or a perfect gin and tonic.

Peeps & Audrey & a G&T!

Peeps make me giggle.

Peeps give me a rush.

I’ll even say this,

They were my first candy crush.

Crushing on Peeps.

Peeps are fun.

Peeps are frivolous.

Get yours at Walgreens,

And Eat It, St. Louis!

Photo styling by me, Amy Burdge; Photography by my husband, Mark.